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A New Wind Blows


Director: NAKAMURA Yutaro (中村祐太郎)

2021|Japan|66min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/8 Mon 18:50 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/11 Thu 10:50 ABC Hall
A New Wind Blows
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NAKAMURA Yutaro (中村祐太郎)
SAIKI Hikaru (斎木ひかる)
OGAWA An (小川あん)
SHIBATA Takaya (柴田貴哉)
HARA Yujiro (原雄次郎)

What kind of future can you picture?

This is the question posited by director NAKAMURA Yutaro at the start of his latest film, a series of vignettes that bleed into each other. Memories? dreams? Whatever they are, they belong to highschooler Hikari (SAIKI Hikaru) who, along with a friend named Yujiro (HARA Yujiro), get involved with an emotionally unstable man named Takaya (SHIBATA Takaya). Flash-forward a decade or so and they are all 20-somethings bumbling around on New Year’s Eve night. Hikari has picked up an admirer, Kotaro (NAKAMURA Yutaro), while Takaya is shacked up with a young woman named Anzu (OGAWA An). A tumultuous night together leads to a quarrel and a truly bizarre New Year’s Day. It’s not a straightforward experience as we surf through these experiences and question whether they are imagined but the feeling of airy freedom and endless possibilities at the end is pleasant.

[Jason MAHER]


Director NAKAMURA Yutaro