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Director: ZON Pilone (ゾン・ピロン)

2020|Japan|71min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/9 Tue 13:20 ABC Hall
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MORISHIMA Yuki (森島由季)
MIZUKAMI Ryushi (水上竜士)
SHINOMIYA Masaru (篠宮將)
YOSHINAGA Shinya (吉永真也)

Director ZON Pilone returns to Osaka to treat us to a third Yasujiro Ozu-inspired film. Stylistically a far cry from the hyper-kinetic, super-surreal “SADAO” and its almost equally experimental sequel “setsuko”, “OZU” is more linear and focussed but just as meta-textual as its predecessors as ZON picks out plot points and characters from Ozu’s works – including “Tokyo Twilight” and “A Hen in the Wind” – and reinterprets them in a modern setting and in a style reminiscent of the master director.

Taking after the story for “Tokyo Twilight”, the film forms itself around the travails of a father and his two daughters. Noriko, the eldest, is struggling with a marriage to a violent and uncaring husband while Akiko, the youngest, finds out that she is pregnant but unwanted by the child’s father. Fun times do not follow...

[Jason MAHER]

Director: ZON Pilone (ゾン・ピロン)

Director ZON Pilone (ゾン・ピロン)