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Keep Rolling


Director: MAN Lim-chung (文念中)

2020|Hong Kong|118min|Language: Cantonese, Mandarin|Subtitles: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese

Date Time Venue
3/5 Fri 17:50 Umeda Burg 7: Theater 6 《Opening》
3/11 Thu 12:55 ABC Hall
Keep Rolling
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Ann HUI (許鞍華)

“Keep Rolling” is a deeply personal portrait of the celebrated filmmaker Ann HUI. It spans seven decades of her life and features a wealth of archive footage, photos, and interviews with friends, family, and major players in the international film industry. Acting as our guide is Ann HUI herself, an effervescent presence who delivers humorous and honest looks at her background, career, and private life as she takes in all of her artistic and commercial highs as well as the crushing lows and personal sacrifices she has experienced as part of her unwavering dedication to cinema and her continual exploration of Hong Kong life. “Keep Rolling” was one of five films named as a Film of Merit at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2020.

About the cast and crew

Ann HUI was born to a Japanese mother and a Chinese father in Northeastern China in 1947 and settled in Hong Kong with her family when she was 5. After graduating in English and Comparative Literature from Hong Kong University, she studied for two years at the London Film School before returning to Hong Kong to work for King HU(胡金銓) as an assistant director. Following this HUI joined the broadcaster TVB where she directed dramas and documentaries before making her feature debut with “The Secret”(瘋劫/1979), a film which established her as one of the leaders of Hong Kong’s New Wave movement. Her career since then has included adaptations of literary works, family dramas, martial arts movies, and supernatural tales with notable award-winners like “Boat People”(投奔怒海/1982), “Summer Snow” (女人四十/1995), “A Simple Life” (桃姐/2011) and “Our Time Will Come” (明月幾時有/2017). HUI was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice International Film Festival 2020 where her latest film, “Love After Love” (第一爐香/2020) was screened.

“Keep Rolling” is the directorial debut by MAN Lim-chung, a veteran art director and costume designer who has worked with directors like TSUI Hark (徐克), Stanley KWAN (關錦鵬), Sylvia CHANG (張艾嘉), and PANG Ho-cheung (彭浩翔). Crucially, he has worked on a number of Ann HUI’s films including “July Rhapsody” (男人四十/2002), “The Golden Era” (黄金時代/2014: screened at OAFF 2015), and “Our Time Will Come” (2017).


MAN Lim-chung / 文念中 (Director)

Ann HUI / 許鞍華 (Cast)