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Director: ZHANG Yaoyuan (張曜元)

2021|Japan, China|79min|Language: Chinese|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/17 Thu 13:00 The National Museum of Art

*admission free

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LIANG Long (梁龍)

In ZHANG Yaoyuan’s revealing off-the-cuff documentary, we are taken into the life of LIANG Long, the lead singer of the rock band Second Hand Roses, in the month before his New Year’s Eve concert in 2019. We watch his private moments in between rehearsals for his concert and also while shooting his very first film, Little White Boat, directed by GENG Zihan.

Shot with a handheld camera and given a sharp black-and-white sheen, LIANG’s journeys across wintry locations in South-eastern China reveal a dedicated artist, an inspiring figure for fans, and a contemplative man who talks openly about his past. In between moments of creative embrace, we see that he fights against the doubts and misunderstandings of the public and also his own exhaustion as he keeps up a relentless pace. The film leaves us with the question, how will he perform on stage?

[Jason MAHER]