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  • World Premiere

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Boy Sprouted


Director: WATANABE Yuko (渡辺裕子)

2021|Japan|26min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/17 Thu 14:30 The National Museum of Art

*admission free

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HARA Seitaro (原晴太郎)
HIGASHI Kanako (東加奈子)
IWAYA Kenji (岩谷健司)

It’s not uncommon for kids to resist eating healthy food like broccoli but one mother’s efforts to make her son eat tomatoes is taken to another level with Boy, Sprouted, when the red fruit causes something to sprout from his body. A battle of wills ensues between a boy (HARA Seitaro) who dislikes tomatoes and his mother (HIGASHI Kanako) who wants him to get over his aversion.

Director WATANABE Yuko takes what is an innocuous narrative, generated by "FURUKOTO" a cutting-edge AI dedicated to story generation, and makes a horror film out of it as she subverts a typical domestic situation with audio and visual elements that are on a level beyond some of the ickiest of Cronenberg and some of the intensest and creepiest camerawork of Kubrick’s landmark horror titles. You’ll probably avoid tomato purée for a few days after watching this film.

[Jason MAHER]