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Joshikosei ni Korosaretai (tentative)


Director: JOJO Hideo (城定秀夫)

2022|Japan|110min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/17 Thu 18:30 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 3
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TANAKA Kei (田中圭)
MINAMI Sara (南沙良)
KAWAI Yuumi (河合優実)
Riko (莉子)
KAYASHIMA Mizuki (茅島みずき)

HIGASHIYAMA Haruto (TANAKA Kei) is the new history teacher at Nitaka High School. His handsome looks and easygoing demeanour make him a hit with the female students (and probably some boys, too). However, he has a secret he cannot tell anyone... He became a high school teacher because he wanted to be killed by a beautiful high school girl. His bizarre desire has led him to secretly plan his death over a number of years and it is almost time for his death to be realised. All that remains is to find out which student will be the one to do the deed and so he approaches Maho (MINAMI Sara), Aoi (KAWAI Yuumi), Kyoko (Riko), and Aika (KAYASHIMA Mizuki), four beautiful girls with different personalities.

JOJO Hideo’s latest work is a slick yet delicate suspense film adapted from a manga by FURUYA Usamaru, famous for Litchi Hikari Club, so expect something truly eroguro and devilishly beautiful.

[Jason MAHER]