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  • International Premiere


Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action


Director: YUN Ga-hyun (윤가현)

2021|Korea|107min|Language: Korean, English|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/15 Tue 18:20 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/19 Sat 12:10 Cine Libre Umeda 4
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LEE Ga-hyun (이가현)
KIM Se-jeong (김세정)
KIM Mi-hyun (김미현)

After the tragic killing of a woman in the Gangnam Station Murder Case of 2016, Korean women decided to fight back and took to the streets to voice their frustrations. Inspired to speak out, director YUN Ga-hyun and her friends formed Flaming Feminist Action, an activist group that spent four years campaigning around issues surrounding the female body via night-walks, rallies, and political action designed to change a patriarchal culture that demeans and restricts them. Four years on and YUN Ga-hyun gathers her collaborators together to reminisce over the successes and struggles of the movement. Revealing sit-down interviews are mixed with footage shot at the time, some of which is infuriating in showing the push-back against calls for equality and exhilarating as these women show unconventional strategies, profound political thought, and deep solidarity with each other.

Boundary: Flaming Feminist Action took the Best Korean Documentary Award at the 2021 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival.

[Jason MAHER]

Director's Message
I'm making a movie without fear.