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Director: LEE Il-hyung (이일형)

2022|Korea|128min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/17 Fri 18:30 *Sold Out Umeda Burg 7: Theater7
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LEE Il-hyoung (이성민)
NAM Joo-hyuk (남주혁)

Prepare to add HAN Pil-ju to cinema’s list of old men not to be messed with as this unlikely Desperado is about to go Above the Law. He is in his 80s, has Alzheimer's, a brain tumour, a part-time job at a restaurant, and, hidden from the people he knows, a plan to kill the men who destroyed his family during Japan’s colonial rule of Korea. These collaborators slunk back into Korean society but grudges Die Hard and HAN is Taken with the need for revenge after the death of his wife. The once-kindly old man digs up a vintage pistol and launches into geri-action as he goes about Righting Wrongs by hunting a list of old men Marked for Death, all with the help of his 20-something debt-ridden co-worker In-gyu who chauffeurs him from target to target in a Red Porsche, battle goons, Expendables, and cops so this Last Action Hero gets some Payback. BUT! His quest isn’t as righteous as it seems... Audacious action set pieces, a buddy action movie formula and a complex take on history makes “Remember” an unforgettable time.

[Jason MAHER]