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YIELD Final Version

Director: URIU Toshihiko (瓜生敏彦), Victor Delotavo TAGARO

2022|Philippines|93min|Language: Tagalog|Subtitles: Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/10 Fri 20:40 Cine Libre Umeda 4
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“Yield” is a documentary that offers an unsentimental glimpse of the lives of nine working-class children from across the Philippines. Some children live with the condition of hydrocephalus, while others risk their lives in labour ranging from breaking rocks, scouring the ocean floor for silt gold, and tending farmland. One child even learns to wield military-grade weaponry. Their hardships are many, their endurance is undeniable as each child faces their lives - and death – with innocence and determination.

Knitting together footage taken from a five-year shoot, URIU Toshihiko and Victor Delotavo TAGARO present a patchwork of lives in third-world conditions without commentary, without judgement. The camera becomes an increasingly intimate observer that allows the actions of the children and some of their families to express suffering, hope, endurance, and love.

“Yield” won the Best Documentary and Best Editing awards at the 2018 Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards while it won the Best Documentary Award at the Filipino Film Critics Awards 2018. This is the final version of the film after more editing.

[Jason MAHER]

General Producer: YAMAGUCHI Chieko (山口千恵子)