OAFF2011 features the launch of our first-ever Competition section. The section will present 10 films selected from among Asian films completed on or after 2009 and unreleased in Japan as of March 20, 2011. Three international jurors will choose the winners of the Grand Prix and the Most Promising Talent Award. The ABC Award as our sponsor award, and the Audience Award determined by audience voting will be also awarded. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on March 13.

*Films screened outside competition section (with some exception) are also the nominees for the ABC Award and the Audience Award.

Grand Prix
(Best Picture Award)
The award will be given to the best film among the Competition films, as selected by the jury. The winner will receive 500,000 yen.
Most Promising Talent Award
The Award will be given to the most promising artist among those involved in the Competition films, who the jurors believe will play an important role in Asian film world in the future. The winner will receive 200,000 yen.
Audience Award
The award will be given to the film which obtains the largest number of audience votes among all participating films, except the Closing film. Please take a ballot after screenings. The winner will receive a crystal plaque.
ABC Award
This sponsor award will be given by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, a member of the OAFF Executive Committee, to the most entertaining film among films in the Competition, Special Screenings and Special Selection, with a few exceptions. The winner will receive 1,000,000 yen as the TV broadcast right (expenses for broadcast materials will be included).