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Directors: Yosep Anggi NOEN

2015|Japan|Color|20min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/8 (Tue) 18:30 The Seventh Art Theater
3/12 (Sat) 12:40 The Seventh Art Theater
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Erika (エリカ), ARAKAKI Masahiro (新垣正弘)

34-year-old Ayumi has been working as an information center operator for 10 years. In an era where information can be easily searched on the internet, the number of inquries has dropped dramatically, the phone remains silent, and Ayumi is filled with feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Only once or twice a day she routinely acts as a source of information for older folks. One day, Ayumi is called into her boss’ office with a number of her fellow coworkers and is immediately let go from her job. She goes back to her parents’ home as if being guided there. Upon her return, her father, whom she had not spoken to in years, is waiting for her.

“Rumah” was planned and produced by the Okinawa Film Office, directed by Yosep Anggi NOEN whose films have been screened at several international film festivals, and stars Erika, who made her striking debut in “After Life” directed by KORE-EDA Hirokazu.


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