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Competition Special Mention (Director: HAN Ka-ram)

  • Japan Premiere


Our Body

Director: HAN Ka-ram

2018|Korea|95min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/9 (Sat) 14:10 Cine Libre Umeda 4    
3/15 (Fri) 13:20 ABC Hall
Our Body
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AHN Ji-hye

After eight years of studying, an existential crisis hits Ja-young just on the eve of the civil servants’ exam and she skips it. At 31 and with no ambition, she drops out of society and finds herself in the grip of inertia. This changes when she is swept up by the presence of Hyun-joo, an amateur runner and writer who is full of life. Drawn by her vitality, Ja-young takes up running in the hopes of becoming like her new running-mate and soon gets herself back on her feet, getting a part-time job and exercising with Hyun-joo after work. Following Hyun-joo takes on a darker edge for Ja-young as they become more intimate and, following an incident, soon loses herself again…

HAN Ka-ram’s debut feature has an impressive performance from MOON Choi ("Anarchist from the Colonies", OAFF 2018’s opening film) and critiques Korea’s highly competitive culture and ingrained attitudes towards sex and age.

Director’s Message/Statement
In a society where nothing is easily achieved, I felt that the body provides an honest reflection of the efforts we make. In a society that values bodily healthy and beauty, perhaps the body is another ego that can be shown to others.