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The Rice Dumpling Vendors <Digitally Remastered>


Director: HSIN Chi (辛奇)

1969|Taiwan|83min|Language: Taiwanese|Subtitles: Japanese, Traditional Chinese

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available from 21:00 on March 14 until 21:00 on March 16
The Rice Dumpling Vendors <Digitally Remastered>
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YANG Ming (陽明)
JIN Mei (金玫)
JIN Tu (金塗)
DAI Peishan (戴佩珊)
SU Zhu (素珠)

Recently restored by the Taiwan Film Institute, “The Rice Dumpling Vendors” is a melodrama and a morality tale as a selfish rich man wedded to materialism has everything taken away from him, forcing him to re-learn important values in life such as love, kindness, and trust through witnessing the selfless acts of others.

Tsi-bing (YANG Ming) is a successful entrepreneur who has a beautiful wife and three children. He blows it all when he takes on a mistress who is connected to a criminal gang and she carries out a scheme framing Tsi-bing’s wife for infidelity. He cruelly beats his wife up and throws her out of the house but this is the start of his fall from grace as he discovers that his mistress has stolen all of his money and he has to raise three children alone. More misfortune strikes Tsi-bing but kindly neighbours and the efforts of his precocious eldest daughter, who sells rice dumplings secretly at night to bring in money, offer a lifeline out of poverty…

[Jason MAHER]