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The Cemil Show

Director: Baris SARHAN

2021|Turkey|102min|Language: Turkish|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/10 Wed 18:15 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/12 Fri 10:10 ABC Hall
The Cemil Show
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Alican YüCESOY

Despite being vain and a bit of a push-over, Cemil (Ozan ÇELIK) works as a lowly security guard at a mall. This is just his day job to get him to his big dream: to be an actor! When he fails an audition for the role of a villain originally played by his hero Turgay Göral, he returns to the ignominy of his day job but then he discovers that one of his colleagues is Turgay’s daughter. Cemil soon becomes determined to meet his idol and learn as much as possible about acting to score that role a second time but the lengths our bullied protagonist goes to make his actor’s journey take a dark turn...

This blackly comic drama is based on a short director SARHAN made five years earlier with CELIK and comes packed with style as it uses its film-within-a-film conceit to create sequences that intercut between fictional black-and-white classic films and Cemil’s own life as he tries to imitate the stars to improve his own lot, even if that means he becomes unhinged...

[Jason MAHER]

Director Baris SARHAN

Director Baris SARHAN