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Green Grass, Pale Fire


Director: HUANG Yin-yu (黃胤毓)

2021|Taiwan, Japan|21min|Language: Minnan, Japanese|Subtitles: Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/6 Sat 18:45 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/11 Thu 16:15 Cine Libre Umeda 3
Green Grass, Pale Fire
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Atom LAI (賴建宇)
Felis CHEN (陳凱勛)
LEE Guo-Chiang (李國強)

The film is a reenactment based on true historical events. It takes place in the 1930s on one of the outlying islands of the Japanese Empire. We follow a band of “PINGINUMU,” or escapees, who attempt to flee from the infamous “Green Jail” coal mine. They then lose their way in the tropical jungle...

It is a harrowing watch as these escapees suffer from starvation and run the risk of being beaten up if caught. If lucky, they can swim to the nearby shore and regain freedom from the nightmare but the film takes a supernatural bent to show that for some these people, there was no escape. It is said that after the war, locals of the island have witnessed the miners’ ghosts wandering about, as if they are poor souls that lost direction.

[Jason MAHER]