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Gwan Gung Vs. Aliens <Digitally Remastered>


Director: CHEN Hung-min (陳洪民)

1976|Taiwan|88min|Language: Mandarin|Subtitles: Japanese

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available from 21:00 on March 14 until 21:00 on March 16
Gwan Gung Vs. Aliens <Digitally Remastered>
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KU Ming-lun (谷名倫)
CHEN Yu-Hsin (陳又新)
TANG Hsin (唐沁)
HSIEH Ling-ling (謝玲玲)
Digital Remastering
PANG Ho-Cheung (彭浩翔)

A widowed sculptor in Hong Kong races against failing eyesight to finish a statue dedicated to the spear-wielding deity of war Gwan Gung in the hope of attaining a miracle, much to the scepticism of his scientist son who prefers reason over faith and is investigating strange events such as soaring temperatures, gravity gone wild, and abductions. This is all a prelude to an invasion by giant aliens who intend to make humanity end nuclear testing. When it seems that nothing can stop the maniac Martians a miracle happens as Gwan Gung comes to life for a riotous royal rumble of a rampage over Hong Kong!

Long thought lost, a copy of “Gwan Gung Vs Aliens” was unearthed in a warehouse and digitally restored to revive a playful tokusatsu action film that mixes religion with science fiction in a fun special effects extravaganza full of pyrotechnics and miniature sets, all done with the help of TAKANO Koichi, the Tsuburaya veteran famed for his work on the “Ultraman and Godzilla vs King Kong”.

[Jason MAHER]