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Wild Tour


Director: MIYAKE Sho (三宅唱)

2018|Japan|67min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Mon) 18:30 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/14 (Thu) 16:00 Cine Libre Umeda 3
Wild Tour
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ITO Honoka (伊藤帆乃花)
YASUMITSU Ryutaro (安光隆太郎)
KURIBAYASHI Osuke (栗林大輔)
YAMAZAKI Takamasa (山崎隆正)

A college freshman named Ume Nakazono takes part as a facilitator in a workshop titled “Field Guide to DNA of Yamaguchi”, which is held at an art center in Yamaguchi. Workshop participants visit various places to collect plants and investigate what kinds of plants grow in Yamaguchi. Together with a ninth-grade student Take and his friend Shun, Ume sets out to explore the nature of Yamaguchi.