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Director in Focus: YOKOHAMA Satoko

A Girl in the Apple Farm


Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)

2013|Japan|42min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/14 Mon 13:50《Short films program 9》 Cine Libre Umeda 3
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Toki(RINGOMUSUME) (とき(りんご娘))
NAGASE Masatoshi (永瀬正敏)
KUDOH Youki (工藤夕貴)

14-year-old Rinko wants to go far away, somewhere with no parents, no school, and no apples.

The Mikami family runs an apple farm. 14-year-old Rinko is fed up with her mother and grandmother who are on bad terms with each other, and her father, who doesn't work and drinks all the time, so she repeatedly runs away from home. Running out of money, she returns home after a while and sees her father’s funeral photo and a horse that he brought as a birthday present for Rinko.

YOKOHAMA vividly depicts an adolescence and an almost-broken family, entirely in the Tsugaru dialect. Toki from Aomori local idol group Ringo Musume plays Rinko. Admiring YOKOHAMA’s talent and screenplay, NAGASE Masatoshi and KUDO Youki worked together for the first time since Jim JARMUSCH's “Mystery Train” (1989).

Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)