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Director in Focus: YOKOHAMA Satoko

Chiemi And Kokkunpatcho


Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)

2005|Japan|52min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/13 Sun 12:00《Short films program 8》 Cine Libre Umeda 3
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SUZUKI Yumiko (鈴木由美子)
MORISHITA Norio (森下法雄)
KUDO Manami (工藤麻奈美)
MOMOTA Kazue (百田一枝)
YOSHIOKA Mutsuo (吉岡睦雄)

Spring in Aomori is dirty... In a snowy northern town, Noriko works as a dental technician. Her father, who had gone to Tokyo to work, brings back a woman younger than herself. Meanwhile, Noriko receives a wedding invitation from her high schoolmate, Chiemi. The two used to be best friends, but after an incident, they have been taking a break…

Seemingly small but incredibly big events for the two women resonate and swirl around them, and the film drifts to a mysterious climax. Yokohama’s brilliant debut work impresses viewers with her delicate descriptive skills and bursts of intense energy.

The film was produced as a graduation project for the Film School of Tokyo, and later screened at a number of domestic and international film festivals.

Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)