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Take Me To the Moon


Director: HSIEH Chun-Yi (謝駿毅)

2017|Taiwan|105min|Language: Mandarin|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/12 (Mon) 12:00 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 4    
3/14 (Wed) 18:30 *Sold Out ABC Hall  TAIWAN NIGHT
Take Me To the Moon
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Jasper LIU (劉以豪)
Vivian SUNG (宋芸樺)

Wang Zheng Xiang reunites with the members of his high school band at the memorial of their lead singer, Li En Pei. He loved her and believed she had the potential to become a star. She won a talent contest to work with a music producer in Tokyo, however, she failed in her music career and ended her life at 38. Zheng Xiang wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Drunk after the memorial, Zheng Xiang gets hit by a vehicle and is miraculously transported back twenty years to the past. It is 1997 and the summer when their band is preparing to perform during graduation. Knowing that En Pei’s effort to win the audition will end in sorrow, he gets into misadventures to stop En Pei from chasing her dreams but does he have the right to change her future?

The title "Take Me to the Moon" is a reference to a 1992 song by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Chang Yu-sheng, who died at age 31 in 1997. This poignant time-slip teen-comedy is awash with his music about love and chasing one’s dreams.