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Girl Returned


Director: HIROHARA Satoru (廣原暁)

2017|Japan|44min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/12 (Mon) 18:30 Cine Libre Umeda 3
Girl Returned
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KIKUCHI Reina (菊地玲那)
EZAKI Masahiro (江﨑政博)
KIZU Toru (生津徹)
TAKAO Sakiko (高尾祥子)
KITA Michie (喜多道枝)

15-year-old Misaki Fujino was kidnapped when she was out jogging and was held imprisoned in the apartment for two years. Following her rescue by the police, she is allowed back to her home but the experience has left her not knowing what to do. All she does is wait for the time to pass.

Despite the worries her family bears, she decides to go back to her jogging but her mother is against the idea. Her father comes up with a compromise and asks Wataru Okada, a friend from Misaki’s childhood to accompany her on her runs. Wataru hesitates since it’s been quite a time since the two met last, but he decides to join her jogging. Misaki feels some changes in the scenery of the riverside but Wataru says there have been no changes.

The two start running toward the sea.