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Ordinary Everyday


Director: YUASA Noriko (湯浅典子)

2017|Japan|27min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

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3/12 (Mon) 21:15 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 3
Ordinary Everyday
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ABE Shinnosuke (阿部進之介)
ONO Karin (小野花梨)
SUDA Eito (須田瑛斗)
ANDO Tamae (安藤玉恵)

Mr Tsuda is a handsome teacher who is coaching a dance club. Concerned about one injured member, Ami, he visits her home in the middle of Tokyo. What he finds is a bright and bubbly schoolgirl with a seemingly perfect family living an idealised ordinary everyday life. She lives in a well-furnished home with Kanako, her lovely-looking mother, and Sho, her cute brother. Ami’s father is missing but nobody talks about him.

Everyone has smiles on their faces. Tsuda finds the mother’s smile is especially inviting and pretty soon his thoughts start straying to parent-teacher relations. What he doesn’t realise is that this is a two-faced family who lead anything but a very ordinary life.

This psycho-suspense drama is shot and edited with such skill and given a potent soundscape that creates a weird atmosphere that what viewers will get is a high tension film which will suck them in for a number of surprises.