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Director: MIYAZAKI Daisuke (宮崎大祐)

2018|Singapore, Japan|77min|Language: Japanese, English, Malay|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/10 (Sat) 18:25 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/15 (Thu) 15:00 Cine Libre Umeda 4

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ENDO Nina (遠藤新菜)
SUMIRE (スミレ)
YANAGI Takayuki (柳喬之)

Nina and Su live uninspiring lives in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture but when the two best friends win a free trip abroad, a different locale might usher in some excitement. They use their tickets to head to Singapore, a cosmopolitan city not too different from Japan. At first, the girls travel around famous sightseeing spots on a typical itinerary, but when Nina loses her smartphone, they find true freedom as they explore unfamiliar places, see unfamiliar sights, and hear unfamiliar sounds. With so much that is new, why can’t they forge different identities? With that notion, their unforgettable adventure in Singapore starts.

“TOURISM” stars up and coming actresses, Nina Endo, who also appeared in the director’s last film “Yamato (California) ” and SUMIRE, a popular fashion model. They make a cute double-act allowing Miyazaki to show an unseen side of urban Singapore not often witnessed by tourists.