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  • World Premiere

Supported Program < Housen Cultural Foundation: Support for film study and production >



Director: OSUGI Takuma (大杉拓真)

2020|Japan|36min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Wed) 13:10 PINEBROOKLYN    

*admission free

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TAKIGUCHI Yusho (滝口悠生)
HONDA Shoichi (本多章一)
ITO Keitoku (伊藤慶徳)
TAKAKI Kosuke (高木公佑)

TAGAWA (35) makes his living as a novelist. He receives news about the death of TONO (35), an old friend who once also aspired to be a writer. At the funeral, he hears about TONO’s hospitalization from his other long-time friends ONUMA (35) and SUGAWARA (35). Apparently TONO didn’t want to let TAGAWA know about his illness, saying “I’m not in such bad shape, so no need to tell him,” despite his hospitalization. TAGAWA can’t come to terms with TONO’s diffidence and reminisces about his times with TONO.