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Naked Uncle


Director: AOKI Nobukazu (青木伸和)

2019|Japan|55min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Wed) 11:15 PINEBROOKLYN    

*admission free

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KIMURA Tomoki (木村知貴)
SHUGIHARA Makoto (杉原真琴)
MISHIMA Yusuke (三島佑亮)
Masara (雅薇)

A failed actor named Kennichi returns to his rural hometown trailing regrets and a medical diagnosis that suggests he has cancer. After a long absence he encounters his estranged brother who resents him. As shame, antipathy and jealousy begin to eat away at the brothers, the fresh vision of children (and some good news) allows them to be able to see the ironies in life and open up to tender feelings of home and family as the action is shifted from the past to the present.

A children’s play based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen forms the basis of a revival of family ties in this story where the pretensions, pretentiousness and perceptions of individuals are challenged and they see the true value of those closest to them.

[Jason MAHER]