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Director: FUJITA Naoya (藤田直哉)

2019|Japan|39min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Wed) 14:05 PINEBROOKLYN    

*admission free

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YAMASHINA Keita (山科圭太)
ISHIKAWA Ruka (石川瑠華)
UDA Takaki (ウダタカキ)
ENDO Yumi (遠藤祐美)
YAMAGISHI Kenta (山岸健太)

People who have no obvious connection with one another live in an abandoned house that has fallen into disrepair, coming and going as they please. YAJIMA is a village official who shows up at the house with an eviction notice in hand. However, he gets drawn into the pace of the people living there, especially the central figure SUZUYAMA, and fails to persuade them to leave. Unable to perform his job, YAJIMA ends up staying the night there.