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  • World Premiere

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Director: ZON Pilone (ゾン・ピロン)

2020|Japan|74min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

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3/11 (Wed) 15:10 PINEBROOKLYN    

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OTSUKA Reona (大塚怜央奈)
MIZUKAMI Ryushi (水上竜士)
TENKAWA Ryuichi (天川龍一)
TAKENE Ryo (竹根遼)

Director Zon Pilone returns to Osaka with another installment in the relationship triangle between Setsuko Hara and the directors’ Yasujiro Ozu, and Sadao Yamanaka. Following on from his 2018 film “SADAO”, time has moved forward and Jiro is suffering from Alzheimer's disease while his lover Setsuko cares for him. Meanwhile, Sadao, freed from his nightmare in the first film, is a police officer patrolling town and, like a moth to a flame, he is drawn to Setsuko whose increasingly erratic behaviour taints the situation with mystery and menace.

A dark psycho-sexual drama shot with alluring lighting where Reona OOTSUKA’s performance is the axis of everything, we are mesmerised by Setsuko whose energy dominates the screen, her ministrations alternating between that of a succubus and a saint only for her to suffer an ironic fate at the very end of a film that calls back to the first film as a haunting echo.

[Jason MAHER]