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  • Japan Premiere


Black Milk

Schwarze Milch

Director: Uisenma BORCHU

2020|Germany, Mongolia|91min|Language: Mongolian, German|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/12 Fri 12:50 ABC Hall
3/14 Sun 15:30 Umeda Burg 7: Theater7
Black Milk
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Uisenma BORCHU
Borchu BAWAA

We accompany a young woman on a journey to Mongolia to reunite with her sister and reconnect with her culture in Black Milk, a semi-autobiographical film by Uisenma BORCHU and a follow up to her debut “Don’t Look at Me That Way” (2016: OAFF 2016). Events start in Germany where Wessi (played by director BORCHU herself) has spent decades living. Her arrival in the Gobi desert is all kinds of awkward as a culture clash ensues and she tries to get involved with the nomadic life whilst chafing against patriarchal rules and customs. Her sister Ossai (Gunsmaa TSOGZOL) is also initially overwhelmed by her long-absent siblings modern attitudes towards life. However, a deep bond flows between the two and this helps Ossai protect her sister as she falls in love with an older neighbour, a situation that causes Wessi to break all taboos and traditions she didn‘t grow up with as she pursues her right to love and be loved by whom she chooses.

[Jason MAHER]