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  • International Premiere


Three Sisters


Director: LEE Seung-won (이승원)

2020|Korea|115min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/5 Fri 12:00 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/14 Sun 10:30 ABC Hall
Three Sisters
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MOON So-ri (문소리)
KIM Sun-young (김선영)
JANG Yoon-ju (장윤주)

The line between comedy and tragedy is razor thin as seen in the epically dysfunctional lives of three sisters who are struggling with various problems and a general lack of self-awareness. Eldest sister Hee-sook (KIM Sun-young) is a mousy florist who is always apologising for everything. Neglected by her family, she suffers in silence with a cancer diagnosis. Mi-yeon (MOON So-ri) appears to live a perfect life as a devout Christian but witnessing her husband having an affair sends cracks furiously splintering across the surface of her carefully controlled facade. And then there’s Mi-ok (JANG Yoon-ju), the youngest, and a real hysteric who constantly gets drunk and violent. When they are called back together to the family home, the root of their problems come into sharp focus.

With a trio of strong performances from our leads, “Three Sisters” proves to be a dramatic tour-de-force laced with some bleak laughter that, as the film goes on, escalates in calamity and pathos as we root around in their misery. It feels honest, not least because everything adds up to a universal truth: Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you weird at relationships.

[Jason MAHER]