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OAFF2022 Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)

  • Japan Premiere



혼자 사는 사람들

Director: HONG Sung-eun (홍성은)

2021|Korea|91min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/14 Mon 21:20 Umeda Burg 7: Theater7
3/19 Sat 10:15 ABC Hall
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GONG Seung-yeon (공승연)
JUNG Da-eun (정다은)
SEO Hyun-woo (서현우)
KIM Mo-beom (김모범)
KIM Han-nah (김해나)

Jina (GONG Seung-yeon) is the top employee at a credit card call centre where the motto is “Happy Your Life,” but, without realising it, happiness is something she has lost sight of. After leaving home, she has led a solo life in Seoul where she has narrowed her world down to the screens of her television, phone, and the computer at her workplace. When her routine is disrupted by the deaths of her mother and a lonely young neighbour, and also having to train a friendly trainee phone operator Sujin (JUNG Da-eun), the antisocial Jina begins to re-evaluate her relationship to others and herself.

In directing, writing and editing her first feature, director HONG Song-eun paints a realistic and sensitive picture of the corrosive effects of loneliness in modern societies through precise visuals that relay stirring performances from debut film actress Gong Seung-yeon and rising star Jung Da-eun (“Way Back Home” (OAFF 2020), “Summer Night” (OAFF 2017)).

[Jason MAHER]

Director's Message
When we see someone off, we must bid them a proper farewell.

Director: HONG Sung-eun (홍성은)