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Most Promising Talent Award (Director: IIZUKA Kasho)

  • World Premiere


Angry Son


Director: IIZUKA Kasho (飯塚花笑)

2022|Japan|112min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/12 Sat 21:00 Umeda Burg 7: Theater7
3/17 Thu 13:30 ABC Hall
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HORIKE Kazuki (堀家一希)
SHINOHARA Masafumi (篠原雅史)
MURAYAMA Tomoka (村山朋果)
IWAYA Kenji (岩谷健司)

If ever a film lived up to its title, it’s Angry Son which presents a perma-mad protag Jungo (HORIKE Kazuki), a high school student living in rural Ota City, Gunma Prefecture. Audiences are asked to sympathise with his temper tantrums, most of which are aimed at his feisty Filipina mother Reina (GOW). Fortunately, she gives as good as she gets as she and her son navigate aggravating instances of xenophobia, being a single-parent household, and his quest to search for a father he has only ever known through child-support payments.

If you can resist the urge to dislike the angry one, you will find writer/director IIZUKA Kasho’s drama rich with incidents and issues, from exploring homosexuality and the mixed-race experience, to Filipino life in Japan. It always remains entertaining and has a heart-warming tear-jerker of a finale that replaces anger with love thanks to fully fleshed-out side characters offering a hopeful look at people learning to live together.

[Jason MAHER]

Director: IIZUKA Kasho (飯塚花笑)