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  • International Premiere


The Girl on a Bulldozer

불도저에 탄 소녀

Director: PARK Ri-woong (박이웅)

2021|Korea|113min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/12 Sat 16:15 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/18 Fri 13:00 ABC Hall
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KIM Hye-yoon (김혜윤)
PARK Hyuck-kwon (박혁권)
Yesung (예성)

19-year-old Hye-young’s (KIM Hye-yoon) behaviour is very unbecoming for a young lady. Prone to vulgarities and violence, anger is her go-to emotion and fighting is how she sometimes settles things. Maybe it comes from having to manage an irresponsible debt-ridden father whose gambling addiction contributed to her mother’s death, the constant arguing over the family’s income from their Chinese restaurant, or the way people look down upon her, whatever the case, the only person she is sweet to is her innocent little brother Hye-jeok. She sets aside her familial resentments when her father winds up brain dead in hospital following a car accident and his creditors come calling, police start investigating the case, and connections to this crisis lead to a shady politician. As the sole family guardian in this overwhelming situation, Hye-young’s anger (and a bulldozer) will serve her well as she has to clear up this mess.

In her break-out lead role, KIM Hye-yoon gives an electrifying performance as a character prepared to bulldoze her way past all obstacles. With a realistic mystery setting, the tension and the pleasure come in seeing how her anger and determination carry her through danger and desperate times to a satisfying ending.

[Jason MAHER]

Director: PARK Ri-woong (박이웅)