The list of award winners

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Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)

“Like & Share”

Indonesia|Director: Gina S. NOER

Jury Comment:

All of us on the jury were struck by the film's clear and powerful message, which affirms young women’s sexual curiosity and desire while clearly saying no to sexual violence.

The style of the film is also original. The sweet, poppy feeling that fascinates the audience in the first half of the film becomes darker as the story progresses, making us shudder.

“Like & Share”, with its strong message and brilliant direction, is a film that needs to be seen now more than ever.

Comment from Director Gina S. NOER:

First of all, I’m fairly surprised that this movie won the Osaka Asian Film Festival, so I would like to thank all the audience, all the jury members, and all of the officials. This movie is talking about how we deal with trauma and how we deal with sexual violence. It’s not easy to tell and it’s not easy to make a movie about it but I think that if we trust something important enough, it will honor the right audience so thank you very much for the appreciation.

Most Promising Talent Award

Kai KO


Taiwan|“Bad Education” (黑的教育) Director

Jury Comment:

Director Kai KO realistically portrays the roller-coaster emotions of three young men; it is as if the audience experiences a crazy night along with them.

KO clearly displays an overwhelming style, with clear and precise pacing throughout the film. The breathless development of the story exceeds expectations and is never dull.

Even though it is his directorial debut, Kai KO is able to vividly depict a dark theme and elicit great performances from his actors. We cannot help but have high expectations for the director's further success in the future.

Comment from Director Kai KO:

After the movie was released in theatres, I have attended many Q&A and also received a lot of affirmation and encouragement. I’m very grateful to have my actors and the team. All of you are REALLY great! I hope our efforts can be seen by more audiences all over the world! Next stop, we are coming!

宣傳期跑了很多映後,也獲得了很多肯定,謝謝我的演員們,你們真的很棒! 希望能有更多觀眾、更多地區可以看到這部作品,下一站! 走起!

ABC TV Award

“Over My Dead Body”


Hong Kong|Directors: HO Cheuk Tin (何爵天)

ABC TV Comment:

This is a high-quality black comedy that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Comment from Director HO Cheuk Tin:

I honestly did not expect to win an award as my film is not in Competition.

First, I would like to thank everyone at the festival. Thank you very much.

Yakushi Pearl Award

LU Hsiao-fen


Taiwan|“Day Off” (本日公休) Lead Actor

Yakushi Pearl Comment:

Just the use of scissors in the barbershop is enough to fascinate the audience. With her precisely orchestrated performance throughout the entire production, experienced actor LU Hsiao-fen makes sure that “Day Off” is a masterpiece that will remain in people's memories forever.

Comment from LU Hsiao-fen:

“Thank you." (In Japanese)

For a long time I have been waiting. Such a wonderful script finally came to me, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Director FU Tien-yu. I really can only thank you, and I would also like to thank all the audiences for their support.


“When Morning Comes, I Feel Empty”


Japan|Director: ISHIBASHI Yuho (石橋夕帆)


We are pleased to present the JAPAN CUTS Award to “When Morning Comes, I Feel Empty,” a delicate and gentle drama that highlights the story of one worker who leaves her exploitative line of work for life as a konbini worker. Anchored by KARATA Erika's charming central performance, ISHIBASHI's confident work offers a deeply humanizing and sensitive exploration of vying for one's own happiness despite societal pressures and expectations.

Comment from Director ISHIBASHI Yuho:

I think we all have those moments when we wake up in the morning and are suddenly enveloped in a sense of emptiness. We are expected to "do our best" every day as a matter of course, and our hearts are worn out more and more. It is very difficult to live your ideal life. But if we can lean on someone to affirm our existence, even if just a little, we may be able to move forward. I made this film with such hope in mind. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who was involved in this film. Thank you very much.

Housen Short Film Award

“Swallow Flying to the South”


USA, Canada, China|Director: LIN Mochi (林墨池)

Jury Comment:

We are amazed by the unique aesthetic of this stop-motion animation. The precise use of light and sound creates a serious yet gentle touch in describing how an ordinary individual struggled to live during the Cultural Revolution, an era of chaos in China. The 17-minute drama which is dedicated by the director to her mother ends with a poetic scene of flying swallows, lighting up hope in the air.

Comment from Director LIN Mochi:

Thank you so much to the Osaka Asian Film Festival for the Housen Short Film Award. Thank you to the audience, jury members, and staff at the festival. This is such a great honour and encouragement.

I’m currently in Providence, Rhode Island, in my school, where I spent 8 months last year by myself making this nearly 18-minute stop motion animation frame by frame. It was a very challenging journey, but I was able to endure with the support of my family, friends, and professors, and more importantly, with the belief that this is an important story to tell. It’s my mother’s experience 47 years ago, yet I firmly believe, it is the time in which the story is told that matters, but not the time in which a story tells of. Thank you so much again!

Housen Short Film Award Special Mention



Taiwan|Director: PAN Ke-yin (潘客印)

Jury Comment:

“Daddy-To-Be” is a very enjoyable film to watch. It’s a well paced, well directed short film with a lot of charming scenes. The balance of the coming-of-age drama and the comedy is also very good.

Comment from Director PAN Ke-yin:

Thanks to the jury composed of professional filmmakers from Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. The whole crew of "Daddy-To-Be" were beyond thrilled to be able to win this honor among so many short films around the world!

Thanks again for this encouragement to our entire crew!

This short film was shot during some of the hottest summer days in Taiwan. We created this film full of laughter and tears with sweat and enthusiasm!

I'm so happy that it can touch audiences all over the world~ Although everyone speaks different languages, laughter is the best common language!






Audience Award

“Day Off”


Taiwan|Director: FU Tien-yu (傅天余)

Comment from Director FU Tien-yu:

I am really surprised to receive this award today. I think I am very happy. Actually, yesterday, I was hanging around Umeda with our lead actor LU Hsiao-fen, and a young person said to me, "I saw your movie. I was very moved." I was very happy to hear that.

I think haircuts and movies bring people together and are very necessary, so I am very honored to receive this award. Thank you very much.