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  • World Premiere


Is This Heaven?


Director: IMAOKA Shinji (いまおかしんじ)

2023|Japan|61min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/14 Tue 18:10 Cine Libre Umeda 4  
3/16 Thu 13:40 ABC Hall
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KAWAYA Hidetoshi (河屋秀俊)
TAKEDA Aki (武田暁)
HIRAOKA Miho (平岡美保)
KAWASE Youta (川瀬陽太)
MIZUKAMI Ryushi (水上竜士)

A middle-aged man named KAWASHIMA Nobuo wanders along a beach with a can of Chuhai in his hand. A piece of paper with the word "Heaven" written on it falls by the side of the road. "Heaven, here?" Nobuo thinks with a drunken head. This is the start of an alcohol-fuelled rambling journey along the coast as Nobuo meets other waifs and strays who have been washed up in the area.

Writer and director IMAOKA Shinji reunites with the lead actors of “Reiko and the Dolphin” (OAFF 2020) to deliver this quick and easy medium-length film that eschews sex for sprinklings of silliness and a deeper look at the human condition. Games of chess, quarrels, emotional confessions, and a search for Izumo Taisha Shrine all take place in chapters that are marked by harder grades of alcohol and more rambunctious action, unexpected meetings, and sad reunions in this gently playful and melancholy life-after-death tale.

[Jason MAHER]

Director IMAOKA Shinji (いまおかしんじ)
Actor KAWAYA Hidetoshi (河屋秀俊),TAKEDA Aki (武田暁), MIZUKAMI Ryushi (水上竜士)