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  • Japan Premiere


Tora's Husband

Director: Rima DAS

2022|India|135min|Language: Assamese|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/16 Thu 18:15 Cine Libre Umeda 4  
3/18 Sat 18:50 ABC Hall  
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Abhijit DAS
Bhuman Bhargav DAS
Purbanchali DAS

Tora lives in a town in Assam. She is a mother to two rambunctious children and is married to a good man named Jaan (played by the director’s brother Abhijit DAS). Tora’s husband runs a bakery and restaurant and does civil engineering projects so a lot of people beyond family rely on him but there are stresses that dog at his heels. The onset Covid-19 exacerbates everything. Debts add up, orders dry up, customers act up while staff get sick, quit, and people die. As Jaam begins to struggle, the sickness of the age seems to seep into him and he turns to alcohol while turning away from Tora who tries to understand him while keeping their Covid-hit household afloat. Shot over the course of 15 months during the pandemic, DAS uses an observational style to depict a family drama during the age of Covid-19.

[Jason MAHER]