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  • Japan Premiere


Leonor Will Never Die

Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago

Director: Martika Ramirez ESCOBAR

2022|Philippines|99min|Language: Filipino, English|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/13 Mon 12:10 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/17 Fri 21:20 Umeda Burg 7: Theater7
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Anthony FALCON

Leonor Reyes was once a major director in the Filipino film industry but as an old woman she lives in a household dogged by debts and declining family relations. All she has are movies and the spirit of her other son who passed away in a tragic accident on a set. Entering a screenplay competition gives her a new lease in life as she works on an unfinished action film ; but an accident involving a television knocking her out sends her into a coma and inside the story.

While her real-world family frantically try to bring her out of the screenplay, Leonor is given the opportunity to imagine it out perfectly as a God-like film editor. All she has to do is dodge bullets, scenery-chewing thugs, shaky camera zooms, and dodgy dolly shots! “Leonor Will Never Die” took Sundance 2022 by storm and for good reason, it shows heart and pizazz as a fun meta-narrative on filmmaking and a love letter to outrageous Filipino action movies of the 90s.

[Jason MAHER]